Mind and the Limits of Language

10-12 May, 2018

Conference Program

Organizing Committee:

  • Dmitry Ankin (PhD, UrFU),

  • Ilya Gushchin (PhD student, UrFU),

  • Alexey Kislov (PhD, UrFU),

  • Olga Kozyreva (PhD student, UrFU),

  • Lev Lamberov (PhD, UrFU)

May 10, 2018

Registration (09:30-10:00, 332 room)

Plenary Session (10:00-13:00, 314 room)

Evgeny Borisov (TSU) On the Problem of Reference in the Complex Epistemic Contexts

Vladimir Lobovikov (IPL UB RAS) Formal Axiological Semantics of Philosophy of Mind

Anton Kuznetsov (MSU) The English-Russian Translation Project of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science (14:00-16:00; 16:30-18:00, 314 room)

Dmitry Ankin (UrFU) On the Conceivability of Logically Impossible

Artem Yunosov (RAS Institute of Philosophy) Two Epistemological Perspectives in David Chalmers’ Project of Conceptual Analysis

Andrey Mertsalov (MSU) Jaegwon Kim’s Supervenience Argument and the Revision of Mental Causation

Nicolay Shurakov (SPbU) Frank Jackson Knowledge Argument and Physicalism

Aleksandr Nesterov (SSU) Pragmatic Rules of Projective Semiosis (Using the Models of “Triact” and “Fourth Realm” from the Philosophy of Technology as Examples)

Pavel Baryshnikov (PSLU) Semantic Aspects of Informational Realism and the Problem of Consciousness

Anton Zhelnin (PSNRU) The Critical Analysis of New Wave of Neuroreductionism Using the Example of the Conception of “Cerebral Unconsciousness”

Logic and Philosophy of Language (14:00-16:00; 16:30-18:00, 315 room)

Alexey Kislov (UrFU) «Wheel of Psychologism»: Contemporary Logic and Cognitive Studies

Yury Chernoskutov (SPbU) The Theory of Naming in Brentano’s school, and not only. Or Whose Shoulders Were Schröder, Husserl, and Frege Standing On?

Evgeny Loginov (MSU) The Criticism of Analyticity in the Philosophy of the 40s and 50s of the 20th Century

Anna Moiseeva (Institute of Philosophy and Law of SB RAS) The Conception of Meaning as a Restriction in Situation Semantics

Ilya Gushchin (UrFU) On the Pragmatic Necessity of the Concept of Necessary Identity for the Attempts to Solve the Quantification Problem of the Modal Contexts

Anton Nikitin (KSUK) On the Distinction Problem between Constative and Performative Utterances in the Context of Social Ontology

Lara Suponitskaya (Front Range Community College) Didactic Aspects (Characteristics) of Teaching the Argumentation Theory and Logic in American Colleges

Vladimir Sosnin (PSNRU) On the Name Problem in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

May 11, 2018

Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science I (10:00-13:00; 16:30-18:00, 314 room)

Juraj Hvorecký (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences) Componential analysis of phenomenal consciousness

Anna Shiyan (RSUH) The Concept of Intentionality and the Problem of Consciousness in Husserl’s Phenomenology

Taras Shiyan (RANEPA) Intentionality and Typology of Signs in the Light of the Object- Closed Discourses Theory

Maksim Gusev (UrFU) Peter Van Inwagen’s Five Theses about Being and his Discussion with the Existential-Phenomenological Tradition

Oleg Mukhutdinov (UrFU) Ordinary Language, Pure Grammar, and Structure of the World

Olga Kozyreva (UrFU) Is Subjective Experience Really Inexpressible?

Vitaly Sukhovoy (HSE) The Language of Thought

Victoria Sukhareva (UrFU) The Ineffable: Is It a Pseudoproblem?

Grigory Zolotkov (HSE) The Criticism of the Traditional Philosophy of Mind by the Ordinary Language Philosophy: Gilbert Ryle, Rush Rhees, Norman Malcolm

Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science II (10:00-13:00; 16:30-18:00, 438 room)

Vyacheslav Kudashov (SFU) The Impact of Scientific Investigations of Consciousness on Its Philosophical Interpretation

Ksenia Kunnikova (UrFU) Contemporary Hardware Methods and Its Application in Psychophysiology

Andrey Komarov (UrFU) Cybernetic Simulation of the Prelinguistic Form of Thought

Sergey Borisov (SUSHPU) «GPS-model» of Consciousness Functioning

Evgeny Sterkhov (Institute of Metallurgy of UB RAS) Human Higher Cognitive Functions Design and Its Programme Description in the Context of Problems of Developing Creativity of AI

Aleksandr Kobelev, Andrey Buchkevich (Institute of Metal Physics named after M.N. Miheev of UB RAS) The Possibility of Simulating the Functions of Neuromorphic Neural Networks on the Basis of Artificial Synapses With the Principle of Spin Valves

Oksana Mushtak (UrFU) The Issues of Natural Language Processing While Developing Contemporary Dialogue Systems

Marina Zagidullina (CSU) Derrida-Simondon-Chomsky: Is there Any Innate Predisposition for Language Acquisition in Human Beings? On the Evolitionary Perspectives of Overcoming the Conception of Language as a Primary Medium and the Tasks of Contemporary Communicativistics

Daria Krutko (UrFU) AI in Computer Games

Workshop “Academic English for Publishing in English-language Journals indexed in Scopus and WoS” (14:00-16:30, 438 room)

May 12, 2018

Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science (10:00-13:00, 314 room)

Lyudmila Babenko (UrFU) Conceptology and Conceptography: the Logic and Mechanism of Interaction

Anna Kartasheva (UrFU) Cognitive Basis of Decision Making in George Lakoff’s theory

Veronika Bogdanova (SUSHPU) The Constructivist Approach to the Study of Consciousness

Ekaterina Uskova (UrFU) Qualia: Is it a Central Element in the Theory of Consciousness?

Elena Semenova (NarFU) Contemporary Debates on the Unity of Consciousness

Svetlana Obolkina (Institute of philosophy and law of UB RAS) Hemispheric Asymmetry and Ontological Stances: Specificity of Cognitive Instruments

Epistemology and Philosophy of Science (10:00-13:00, 315 room)

Natalia Martishina (STU) Local Cognitive Domains as a Research Object in Epistemology

Maksim Belyaev (VSU) Peter Van Inwagen’s Modal Skepticism: Strengths and Weaknesses, Its Implications for Epistemology

Aleksandr Khlebalin (NSU) Philosophical Conceptions in the Axiological Theories of Truth

Olga Shapiro (CFU) Argumentation in the Popular Science texts

Olga Kulikova (ISPU) The Model of the Subject of Knowledge in Evolutionary Epistemology and the Problem of A Priori

Nadezhda Nikolina (College of Food Industry, Trade and Service) Are There Any Conceptions in Epistemology Allowing to Understand What Scientific Knowledge Is? (Some Aspects of the Anarchist Epistemology)

Tours of the Robotics Laboratory and the Neuroscience Laboratory of Ural Federal University (14:00-18:00, UrFU campuses)