uAnalytiCon-2019: Identity, Individual Concepts, and Semantic Uniformity

Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin
Ural Institute of Humanities
Department of Philosophy
Chair of Ontology and Theory of Knowledge
in partnership with Oxford Russia Fund
and Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

Oxford Russia Fund
Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

17-18 May, 2019

Annual International Conference

Organizing Committee:

  • Dmitry Ankin (PhD, UrFU),

  • Ilia Gushchin (PhD student, UrFU),

  • Aleksey Kislov (PhD, UrFU),

  • Olga Kozyreva (PhD student, UrFU),

  • Lev Lamberov (PhD, UrFU)

May, 17

Registration (09:30-10:00, 332 room)

Plenary Session (10:00-12:00, 314 room)

Opening Address from the Director of the Ural Institute of Humanities Elvira Symanyuk and the Head of the Organizing Committee Dmitry Ankin

Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford): Metaphysical and Physical Interpretations of Modal Logic

Logic and Philosophy of Language I (13:30-15:30, 16:00-19:00, 314 room)

Evgeny Borisov (TSU): A Semantics for Cross-World Predication

Oleg Domanov (IPL SB RAS): Monads in Modal Logic

Aleksandr Khlebalin (IPL SB RAS): Modality and Truth Theories

Sergey Ukolov (UrFU): Natural Deduction for Modal Logic: Normalization as the Heuristic Principle of Finding Proofs

Anna Moiseeva (IPL SB RAS): Тhе Logic of Statements due to Situation Semantics: Consequence, Equivalence, Necessity

Viktoria Sukhareva (UrFU): Logical and Ontological Pluralism: The Place of Modal Metaphysics in the Continuum of Formal Ontologies

Aleksandr Shevchenko (IPL SB RAS): Ought Implies Can as a Moral Dilemma

Aleksey Kislov (UrFU): The Dynamics of Action and the Semantics of Deontic Modalities

May, 18

Logic and Philosophy of Language II (10:00-11:30, 12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:30, 314 room)

Igor Berestov (IPL SB RAS): Frege's Puzzle as an Impediment to Intentional Identity

Dmitry Ankin (UrFU): The Problem of Types of Necessity and Possibility

Konstantin Frolov (ETU LETI): Concretism, Abstractionism, and Advanced Modal Claims

Ilia Guschin (UrFU): Strategies for Development of Ontologies in Analytic Philosophy

Aleksandr Kirillovich (KFU): Ontology and Metaontology of Ordinary Objects

Artur Karimov (KFU): The Problem of Value of Knowledge in Virtue Epistemology

Anna Kartasheva (UrFU): Logical Methods of Recognition in Space of Boolean Signs

Oksana Mushtak (UrFU): Modal Extensions of Description Logics

History of Philosophy (10:00-11:30, 12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:30, 315 room)

Aleksandr Tsidzenevsky (TSU): On the Legitimacy of Peter Strawson’s Interpretation of Kant's Theory of Knowledge

Maksim Gusev (UrFU): The Idea of the Univocity of Being in Analytic Philosophy

Ruslan Dzhabrailov (SPBU): Donald Davidson's Theory of Translation in Connection with the Current State of the Philosophy of Language

Yaroslav Mikhailov (HSE): Comparative Analysis of the Concept of Intuition in Connectionwith Mathematics in Brouwer and Husserl

Ilia Krasov (UrFU): Conception of Jeff Hawkins in the Light of Epistemic Modalities

Marina Kamentseva (HSE): Contradiction as a Logical and a Grammatical Necessity in the Philosophy of LudwigWittgenstein

Vladimir Sosnin (PSU): Ludwig Wittgenstein on the Nature of Tautologies

Sergey Kustov (UrFU): Tractatus: Negative Facts and Possible Worlds

On the Civil Value of Philosophy. Open discussion with Timothy Williamson (16:00-17:30, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, Piotrovsky bookstore)

Oxford Russia Fund
Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center